The Logic of God’s Love

  From Doug Stevens, a Pastor-in-Residence at Restoration and Founder of the Renewal Project The literal translation of logos from the Greek is “word,” which is entirely inadequate for understanding the depth and force of this concept.  Logos is not merely the word for “word,” but carries the connotation of meaning, of explanation, of premise,…


Me on Memes (1)

Occasionally someone will post a meme that catches my attention and that I think deserves a reply. Got one that you’d like me to address? Send it! “Why do we only ‘rest in peace?’ Why don’t we ‘live in peace’ too?” Theologically speaking one “rests in peace” when they pass away with the hope of resurrection…



And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” More chilling words, I can’t imagine. The crying out of our Lord Jesus in lament for his suffering. Still, these words leave much to be considered; the…

Joseph and angel

With Child

“Hey Joseph… You’re fiance, Mary… She’s pregnant.” The time when Alicia and I were engaged was one of the best seasons of my life. Never before was I anticipating something so much as I was the gathering together of all our friends and family to celebrate our wedding day—let alone the excitement of taking her…


Restoration is first Biblical

Though, most Christian churches would say that their ministries are Bible-based, the idea of what that means should come with some thoughtful explanation. Restoration is first of all a biblical church. This means more to us than we source the Bible for wisdom or inspiration. Our sequence for discipleship begins with Knowing God’s Story—which is…


The Story ESV Bible

There’s so many consistencies with Restoration & Spread Truth ministries approaches The Story. One of the best ministries we offer to first time guests is a FREE copy of The Story ESV Bible. Learn more here: The Story ESV Bible from spreadtruth on Vimeo.

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