Weekly Update 031217

—————————————————————————— It’s also SPRING FORWARD SUNDAY — Worship starts at 10:30a, which will feel like 9:30! This Week: Irresistible Chapter 12: the gift & gifts of the Holy Spirit Prayer&Worship Night Tonight 7pm Neighborhood Park Party is ON! April 8th; sign up to help with this important Local Share opportunity! Know The Story Our most…


“I can’t say my name….”

Our youngest son is five-years-old. And like many kids his age, he has trouble pronouncing certain sounds… Like “R.”  Which is especially sad, because his name is Harvey. The other night, Harvey was telling me how he was excited about showing his class how he is learning to juggle. He has two stuffed animal lambs…


022417 Weekly

This week, join as we explore Chapter 10 of 1 Corinthians on grace and temptation. Be here for this powerful series tour through a very important book and great worship! This Week: Irresistible Chapter 10 Grace and Temptation New Member Affirmation this Sunday including the Westers and Ferri Lou Redden! Ash Wednesday Service will be…


The Talk

I get to help (again) with the boys’ maturation classes at OTE today! Maybe I shouldn’t sound too excited about it but the truth is, I love awkward conversations! As a dad of growing boys, I’ve had to peel the layers of truth out for them as my older two sons are moving into adolescence….


021017 Weekly

—————————————————————————— This Week: Worship & Prayer Night TONIGHT 7pm Irresistible Series featuring Doug Stevens on Marriage and Relationships Newcomers Lunch Sunday after service Uplift: Parent Ministry NEXT FRIDAY   Please Pray: Pray for Restoration; 10 families to join us by Easter! All the sickness colds, flu and allergies to be gone! Gratitude for all the Lord is doing…

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