Worship Night LIVE

If you’re in Round Rock, tonight (6/22/15) join us for Worship Night: An evening of open worship and prayer. Otherwise, we’ll be on Facebook LIVE


Vacation Bible Club IN THE PARK!

COME PARTY WITH US IN THE PARK! Restoration Youth are so excited to host a VBC at Lake Creek Park in Round Rock, Monday, July 18th—Thursday July 21st, 6-8pm 


Having a Passion and a Plan for Evangelism

Recently, I was asked by a colleague who pastors and teaches a course on evangelism (!) about my thoughts on the practice. Here it is: What about you? Do you have a passion and plan to help people make a connection with Christ? Most of us don’t and that’s a problem. Helping others come to…


5 Steps

Recently, we completed a series called the Art of Neighboring. I’m often humbled and impressed with how the Lord guides me through His Word. But this series, I believe was exceptionally important. Recently and often, I hear people try to compress Jesus’ ministry to one word: Love. They’ll say, “Jesus was all about love and he…

Slowing Down the Moment

Slowing down the moment

Our oldest son just broke the barrier… He graduated from elementary school. Along with the normal reflection and lament, probably my bigger concern is how his movement from grade school to middle school will mean that the rest of our kids aren’t far behind. I remember when Ruben started Kindergarten. Then the year flashed by…

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